REVIEW: Primitive Knot – Brutalism

Review by Shane Boylan

Brutalism is both dystopian and ritualistic – a perfect soundtrack to our troubling times. Incorporating many shadowy influences but cultivating a unique sound, it is primal and gut-wrenching, pulling you into the darkest recesses of aural displeasure. 

The opening title track is propelled by a punishing deep riff and has a hypnotic industrial quality and sonic dissonance – this being one of 3 tracks of this nature, leaving two others that have more of a soundscape quality to them.

Psychopathology is Noise is like a journey into someone’s mental disorder whilst Irrational State is the unsettling backdrop to a recording of a hypocritical preacher.  

This cassette edition via Deathbed Tapes came sandwiched between two slabs of aluminum and wire. The restriction is symbolic of the music itself. Something society would want to suppress.

Primitive Knot is an intriguing enigma, steeped in darkness and mysticism. Brutalism is a ritual in itself and we would also recommend you check out Bastards of Brutalism the companion release.