Review: Angel Witch – Angel of Light

Angel Witch are good at many things but this time they have well and truly delivered a great big slab of NWOBHM goodness to the masses.

They have not only earned their way into the history of heavy metal (alongside giants such as Iron Maiden and Saxon) but have been extremely influential. Many musicians such as Exodus’s Gary Holt, Dissection’s Jon Nötveidt and Ghost’s Tobias Forge have cited them as influences. Forming and joining bands never felt so good.

Angel Witch emerged in the 1980s, a decade earlier a little band you may of heard of called Black Sabbath were making records that were dark, doomy and full of British dread. Angel Witch took some of the very basics of heavy metal and gave it a darker and more intense edge, it worked.

The band now comprises of Fredrik Jansson Punkka (drums) Jimmy Martin (rhythm guitar) Will Palmer (bass) and song writer, lead guitarist and chief architect Kevin Heybourne at the helm. Their new record Angel of Light is an absolute solid classic that resonates back to the very first album produced back in 1980.

Angel Witch certainly do know how to tell the world how heavy metal should be done.

An eight track full length album – Angel of Light is a riff driven collection that brings in so many enjoyable aspects of what we all loved about the heyday of NWOBHM. This batch of brand new songs brings yet another chapter to the Angel Witch history book, they retain that old school feel that is warm, thick and deliciously brutal.

It is certainly an album that I believe will be hailed as classic but hey…which one isn’t?

The album is out now.