The Art of Horror Movies: an Illustrated History edited by Stephen Jones

An Illustrated History: The Art of Horror Movies is a lush collection of art that will chill you to the bone and fill you with joy for the horror genre. It is an extensive collection that captures every era and every legendary film that we horror fans drool over every time we delve into our VHS or DVD collection.

An interesting, informative and enthusiastic introduction by the great John Landis (writer and director of An American Werewolf in London) sets this book off nicely. It is always good to see an introduction from someone who knows their stuff and John is certainly a legend amongst horror fans.

For those of you who may not be aware of the work undertaken by Stephen Jones – it is a companion to a previous volume – The Art of Horror.  Another wonderful book that is definitely worth purchasing, not only if you are a horror fan but a completest.

The Art of Horror Movies looks at the entire history of the horror film –  from the silent era right up to the latest releases and trends. Delving into the poster art, lobby cards and literature  – it is a must have in any horror fans collection.

Chronologically arranged, we work our way through the eras of the silent films, the Universal years, Technicolor terror and beyond. This is a rich and colourful volume that is beautifully printed and presented; from the intensity of the colours to the thickness of the pages – quality and quantity is given to us in equal measures.

This isn’t just another art book, it is soaked in imagery and informative history of the art of the horror world, a tome that you will want to flick through again and again.

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