Review: Cycle of Violence by Seventh Circle

Caligari Records is proud to present Seventh Circle’s striking debut demo, Cycle of Violence, on CD and cassette tape formats.

The band hail from sunny California and are a million miles away from the fake smiles and sunshine; it seems they are existing much closer to hell if this demo is anything to go by. Trust me, it’s good. Real good.
The demo contains just three songs disappointingly, but we can’t be greedy as it is a full on 13-minute assault that will send your mind spinning and your ears bleeding for more. This is the band’s debut recording and is an extremely tantalising offering indeed.
You say it’s good but what does it sound like then I hear you cry? Deep guttural vocals together with bone crushing riffs, it makes for a higher standard of brutal heavy metal that according to the label’s Bandcamp is labelled Death Doom – sounds about right to me. Who doesn’t love a slow riffage with an impending feeling of death right?

Want to listen? Check it out.