The Rainbow: A Documentary

Exploring LA’s favourite rock bar through the television is as good as it is going to get until I get myself on a plane. This documentary is very interesting,  it’s thoughtful and quite frankly a brilliant piece of film that captures an authenticity that doesn’t exist anymore. People open bars for commerce,  they get flooded by hipsters with their clean leather jackets, ironed jeans and the only Motorhead song they ever heard – you know who you are!!

If you are after an insight into the world of rock and roll on the Sunset Strip then you desperately need to watch this.

From the very beginnings of the bar right through to the present day; this journey is a genuine alcohol filled trip that will burn itself into your heart. Interviews with Lemmy, Slash, Lita Ford, Ozzy Osbourne and plenty more; they dish some of the dirt on their antics back in the day and how it continues to preserve the heart and soul of rock and roll. No stripping away the history to make it a modern bistro, hell no, this place is a frikkin’ museum! The streets around it may have changed but The Rainbow continues to remain the same, nothing and no-one can change it.

Legendary musicians recount their days of drinking and being cared for by Mario Maglieri, a businessman but friend to the patrons first and foremost  – this is heart-warming and extremely funny. Grab yourself a drink and put aside 71 minutes to rock and roll.

Available on Amazon Prime and Apple iTunes


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