Oh, relax it’s only magic: Revisiting The Craft

I remember watching The Craft for the first time when I was about 14 years old and I fell in love. It had everything; strong female characters, witchcraft and some attitude. I loved the aesthetics, the outfits and the female connection these girls had with each other.

In short, I wanted to form a coven, I wanted to be a magical girl in a world filled full of bullying, pressures of having a boyfriend and puberty.

All these years later, I reflect on what I loved so much about this fabulous film. Happy Halloween.

The Shop

I fell deeply in love with the esoteric shop, it was a gorgeous cornucopia of candles, books, and incense – you could almost feel its power through the screen. Coming from a small town, I had never really encountered such a shop but would sneak copies of a witchcraft mail order catalogue into my room when the postman pushed it through the letterbox (didn’t want my mother to find out). My dream was to open up my very own occult shop and base it on this one, if I could I probably still would.

The craft Shop.jpg

Revenge is Sweet

Oh, Chris Hooker. You certainly did a number on our girls and my goodness did you pay for it via the wonderful Nancy Downs. She did it in true goth style…check out her boots. OK so this but wasn’t really to talk about revenge or his death, I just love her boots in this scene.

Nancy's Shoes.png

Witch Aesthetics

I love candles and incense and this film had both of these – in abundance. From the opening sequence of the girls doing a ritual to the credits where we are flooded with mystical symbols; this film really knew where it was going. The ritual scene on the beach is particularly powerful and what was some frivolous spell casting becomes something a little more serious, we feel the film shift to a darker place.



This film goes beyond the realm of witchcraft.  Many girls that watched this and watch this now, may see themselves through Nancy, Rachelle, Bonnie or Sarah. At the heart of this film, there are some rather deep issues going on here that tackle bullying, racism, mental health, and sexual assault. They are girls dealing with everyday problems in a way that can bring joy and happiness to their lives and this way is witchcraft. The parallel between us and them is that all we really wanted back in school was the power to control our own destiny, we still do to a point. It’s funny, some people just view this as a teen horror film yet I have come across many girls that have taken much more from it and continue to do so. Female empowerment is now more important than ever.

Craft spell.jpg