Zine Review: Twin Peaks – A Zine by CJ Reay

image1(1)Wow! Stuff like this really exists. I never imagined I would see a zine dedicated to Twin Peaks. It’s kind of rare to come across zines on this subject matter because people tend to write more about themselves than amazing nineties TV shows but hey ho, what you going do? Oh yes…put together an awesome zine, that’s what you are going to do!

The zine is A5 in size and has been put together really nicely – it is such a lovely little publication to keep and will sit with my other Twin Peaks book. Inside they have chosen nine characters to focus on, each with their own biography and some nerdy facts about them with the added bonus of a hand-drawn illustration. From Laura’s hatred of Bob to Laland’s love of dancing you too will find out that the owls are not what they same.

The zine is produced by Black Lodge Press who are based in the UK and if you stop by their store  you will see they really love Twin Peaks. High five Black Lodge Press. Go visit their store now! Black Lodge Press on Etsy.

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