Artist Spotlight – Chuck Hodi

Creepy nuns, Charles Bukowski, zombie Golden Girls? Yep, welcome to the wonderful world of artist Chuck Hodi. I caught up with him and he told me a little about his life, his art and the inspiration behind his work.
I knew that I somewhat had talent with art during the senior year of high school when I took art as an elective. This was in 1996 but I didn’t actually start selling my art until 2007.
I lived in California all my life. I grew up as an only child and remembered constantly feeling lonely. My dad was always working and my mom was very busy with up keeping the house and working on arts and crafts. School was alright, I survived it, didn’t get into much trouble that would alter my life. I didn’t love school but I didn’t hate it, because of school I discovered my artistic talent. I feel that school is a great foundation for everyone and is very necessary.
I would have to admit that my emotions have played a huge part as far as my original dark art goes and listening to music helps me get it out visually. For my portraits, obviously the subject influences me. But again music helps me get through my art, I listen to all types while creating, anything from punk, new wave, industrial, old country, rockabilly, grunge and the list goes on……
I would like to meet Charles Bukowski, have a couple of bottles of wine with him and just talk about whatever comes up.
My art is currently my main source of income and I work at a coffee shop just a few days a week.
I like and respect a great deal of artists but feel that it would be unfair to compare so I do not have a favourite. Art is weird like that I suppose.
You can buy his work here 

This piece was originally printed in Black Sunday Zine issue 3