Music Review: Alice In Chains – Rainier Fog

Words: Shane Boylan

Alice in Chains is a band with a very unique sound. Their use of vocal harmonies, inspired solos, heavy riffage along with pounding rhythms – it wasn’t a surprise that their sixth full length album delivers all this and more.

Rainier Fog feels punchier and more compact than 2013’s The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. The dual vocals of Cantrell and DuVall seem to have reached a new level both individually and as a duo. DuVall particularly really shines on his third album in the band when taking the lead, rather fitting as they began recording the new album in the Seattle studio that would be Layne’s final recording with the band.

There’s no going over old ground because this is a band that show that they are at the top of their game; delivering something fresh to add to their legacy. It’s the restraint shown by the band, the subtlety in the songwriting that doesn’t allow anything to be lost showing Cantrell as ever, the master of his craft.