Film Review: Suffer, Little Children

Starring Nicola Diana, Colin Chamberlain, Ginny Rose
Directed by Alan Briggs
Distributed by Severin Films/Intervision

Suffer, Little Children is quite the one-off. Supposedly a school project (hence its raw quality), it has gotten so much bad feedback and although, yes it does have many flaws, I didn’t want this just to be a review that rips it to pieces because I did like it and appreciate that the effort was there, but the execution is much to be desired.

So, to begin at the beginning – the story is based around a children’s home in Surrey, England. A young girl (Elizabeth) turns up one day with just a note and they take her into their care, she is mute and in true horror style, she starts to turn everyone’s life upside down. This is supposedly, a reconstruction of the events that took place at 45 Kingston Road in August 1984.

I often wander around shops and search on the internet for random films, you know, those gems that although have been lost in the annals of time; someone, somewhere will appreciate them – people like me. So, when I saw this and read on the box that this is “the most controversial horror film of all time” it was in my shopping basket before you could say Halloween. I am not sure if controversial is quite the word I would use, yes there are kids being injured left right and centre and the person behind this is a small girl but controversial it isn’t after the invention of Damien Thorn.

Shot on a camcorder (the new household luxury back in the 80’s), the scenes are a little wobbly, there is no editing, the director has just chopped from one scene to the next without a fade; it really is child’s play. The actors are quite wooden but when we hit the crescendo, there is just so much going on, so many grainy and giddy camera angles that it all seems to lose its amateurish touch and just descends into absolute chaos. What I do have to discuss with you is the ending, I truly believe that watching it until the end just to see the final shots is worth every second of your time.

Imagine this; a psychedelic freak out featuring the demon child herself, Elizabeth. She is at the helm of some sort of ritual accompanied by the other children chanting, it is kind of like The Wicker Man lite, for kids, we even get a visit from Jesus Christ himself, all accompanied by some sort of industrial track – it’s actually quite excellent.

Invest some time into this, as negative as the reviews can be, if you like a video nasty, it’s worth a watch.

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