Album Review: Sonic Wolves (Self-titled)

Words: Katie Doherty

Sonic Wolves certainly live up to their name.; a strong and fierce attack on the eardrums; their second album does not disappoint. If any of you have been lucky enough to get your ears around their demo and their first album, then you will know that this won’t be a letdown. Consistently hard, heavy and groovy; this Sonic Wolves self-titled album is a keeper.

It would be easy for some people to put them into a category, maybe the stoner rock box but it’s easy to do that, it is easy to categorise but Sonic Wolves, are hard to define. What is ridiculously clear is they have an uncanny talent of weaving in and out of seventies riffs and grooves, slowing it down and then suddenly hitting it heavy once more without warning – no one trick pony here. Together, with Kayt’s soaring vocals, she is the perfect banshee that compliments this haunted space they occupy.

The album is hard and its heavy, it gives you what you want and what you need from a record, no breaks, no skipping songs; the album is complete from start to finish. Especially digging Grim Reaper, the dirty bass driven track You’ll Climb The Walls, Cheating Death and Ascension.

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Sonic Wolves (2018)

  1. Stonefaced General
  2. Ascension
  3. Grim Reaper
  4. Tide Of Chaos
  5. Cheatin ‘Death
  6. Red Temple
  7. Heavy Light
  8. You’ll Climb The Walls