Killed By Death But Not Quite

Lemmy Live

Time has passed swiftly since we lost our leader, the great Lemmy Kilmister. When he died, I had planned on writing something, but I never knew what could possibly be said that hasn’t already been said. The past few weeks have allowed me to take some time out and catch up on a few things and one of those was finishing off Lemmy: The Definitive Biography by Mick Wall. It felt like the time to start writing again and open with something meaningful and heartfelt.

Lemmy was an inspiration to a lot of us, he was down-to-earth, intelligent and knew what he wanted from life; everyone wanted to be him, and everyone wanted to know him. He never pretended to be anyone but himself, no need to explain, no need to complain; he was Lemmy Kilmister. If you didn’t like it, you could shove it! He was much more than a guy that stood on the stage or in a recording studio, he was a poet, a sage and a gentleman.

When I was a kid, I kind of thought Lemmy looked a bit scary but little did I know, as I grew older, it was the men in suits who were clean shaven that were the devils of our society. As I grew older I realized the people decked out in leather and denim weren’t that bad, in fact they became the people I wanted to be when I grew up. In my mid-teens I had a faux leather jacket that my Mum bought me, it was pretty cheap looking (not able to afford leather at that age) but at the time I loved it, so much so I only threw it away when it was ripped to pieces by constant wear and cigarette burns; it made me happy and that is what mattered. Further down the line I would get Lemmy’s name tattooed on my arm, I would buy records and CD’s, go to gigs and then create my own blog – rock and roll became my life.

He may not have lived forever, but he will live in the hearts of his fans forever.

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