Review: Psycho 2


Making a sequel to a film such as Psycho, on paper, sounds like a bit of a disaster. Well in my head it does anyway. In reality it isn’t that bad at all. Considering Robert Bloch had written a second book of which the film is totally unrelated, I think Hollywood did a pretty good job of something that could have been awful. I apologise for my negativity but when you make a sequel to such a great film it does leave you with a sense of dread.

The film is a continuation of the first and follows Norman as he is freed from the mental institution after 22 years . He is now facing the daunting task of settlling into normality but as we talking about Norman Bates here, predictably his past comes back to haunt him and we see no sign of it leaving anytime soon. On his quest to forget the past and look to the future Norman befriends those around him but things keep happening and his Mother seems to make a return, but she is dead I hear you cry, wasn’t she always?

The film was released in 1983 and welcomes the return of Anthony Perkins, our favourite original psycho, slightly older but nevertheless creepy as hell. According to Perkins didn’t want to take on the role but when producers started asking other actors he quickly changed his mind, without Perkins it just wouldn’t be the same would it? That maniacal grin and those shifty eyes. It isn’t a patch on the original but it is a great sequel that fans of the original should take a look at.

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