Film Review: The Wicker Tree

Words: Katie Doherty

For once I had no expectations.

The Wicker Man is one of my favourite films of all time and when I heard about Robin Hardy bringing out The Wicker Tree I was already aware that nothing could beat its predecessor nor could it live up to it so I decided not to see it.

Since then I have been curious so I sat down one rainy afternoon and pressed play…I wished I hadn’t!

The story starts with a born again Christian couple who have been sent to Scotland because it is believed the residents are heathens and they need to be shown the way of Jesus Christ. This spirals into a Pagan rite that they unknowingly enter into! The Christian versus Pagan world worked well within The Wicker Man but here it just feels like someone is trying too hard to make it similar and it just doesn’t work at all. What doesn’t sit right with me is the British setting and the quite obnoxious and stereotypical American characters but in theory it should be a great juxtaposition of lifestyles and cultures…but it’s not!

Unfortunately for the cast and crew this film will fade into the background as The Wicker Man continues to be the most popular in the folk horror genre (as it is now called). This could have worked as a stand-alone film but its clear connections with The Wicker Man just makes it look rather weak!

I think I only wanted to watch it because Sir Christopher Lee has a cameo and knowing that he thinks The Wicker Man is such a wonderful film I would be curious to know what he thought of this upon viewing it for the first time!

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