Film Review: Season Of The Witch (1973) Dir. George A. Romero

George Romero is well known as the master of the zombie film so some people tend to forget about this. Season Of The Witch is a story of a bored housewife who discovers a friend of hers is a witch and she wants to dabble in it too; a ridiculously simple plot but does it deliver an occult masterpiece? It can’t really be described as a horror film as such, it does have that same eerie feel to it like Rosemary’s Baby but it lacks the brilliance of the latter. It has to be said that this film clearly doesn’t have the usual Romero touch and doesn’t really get going until the second half.

Unfortunately there seems to be more dialogue than action throughout the film which I think is why it had such negative reviews. What was brought up at the time of its release was how bad the acting was and I would have to agree. But instead of just destroying it, can we find anything good about this? Well, its Romero so it feels sacrilege to slate him but the truth is – it isn’t great. It has moments of campy rituals and the usual low key sex scenes – a staple of the seventies mise-en-scene. What I would say is that it is definitely worth a look just to see a witchy project by the master of film George Romero – this may have been far off the mark in the history of horror but still definitely worth a watch.