Film Review: Here Comes The Devil (2012)


Words: Katie Doherty

2012 Dir. Adrian Garcia Bogliano

The plot revolves around a family whose children go off to explore a rocky mountain but when they don’t return their parents report them missing. As morning approaches the children are found and reunited with their family. No, it doesn’t end there. No happy ending, no happy families in this film. When they return they just don’t seem to be the same children, something has changed in their demeanour and very weird things start happening. Their attempt at solving the mystery of what happened to them in that cave leads them to a very dark place indeed.
The film is psychological rather than an all-out gore fest which is great, more plot for us. The storyline is quite solid and it does keep you guessing with some uncomfortable scenes especially when it concerns children, any horror aficionado will tell you, children add horror equals creepy as hell.
The film plays with mythology and the supernatural but does have a Grindhouse feel to it. I think it may be because the film feels low budget (without compromising on quality I must add) and its use of sex and violence is very much of that genre, oh and wait until you get to the credits – kind of screams Grindhouse too.
I liked it. Good story, creepy and had that indie feel to it which always makes me love a film even more. CGI violence is ever so tiresome and ruins the fun of getting your hands dirty.

Lots of nudity, blood, uncomfortable moments and creepiness. Give it a go.