Ministry – Amerikkkant

Ministry Band

Ministry aren’t known to produce albums about ponies and candy floss, Amerikkkant is another to add to the collection that truly defines the sound and attitude of the band. Created after Trump was elected, this is a filthy, politically charged and aggressive album. It is important at this point to pull back from the idea of aggression as just an aural pleasure for us that love the heavier sound of music. This is a socially loaded album based entirely on the turmoil of America, the turmoil created by the people that voted for Trump to be elected in the first place, this is their way of saying WHAT THE FUCK HAS THIS COUNTRY BECOME.

The album has the classic Ministry sound that naturally follows the band and comfortably joins their superb repertoire. Through the classic drums and filthy guitars, the album is laced with spoken word that serves as a platform for Jorgensen to continue to fight against the system, the very system, that no matter what he has been through, he has always managed to spit venom far and wide. This is a very fine example of this, it is a Ministry album, it is politically charged, it is highly satisfying, and it is a clear reflection of a country and a world that is in a constant state of unrest.