Monster Magnet – Mindfucker


Monster Magnet are definitely the kind of band that never let me down, can’t really remember a time when I have put on a record of theirs and felt disappointment. The first time I saw them live I was blown away by them and I can’t seem to leave them alone ever since.
I cannot believe that this is their 11th studio album and yet Mindfucker is an instant classic (having already listened to it so many times I lost count). I think what is so great about this new record is how they are going back to their gritty filthy side, its really noisy, full of great riffs and its lyrical content is a classic, I love it. Love it. Love it.

Although I am totally down with the idea of bands changing their direction or even trying new things, I have to say that Monster Magnet, have always been utterly consistent in their sound and quality and this my friends, will not disappoint you one bit.

My favourites? Man, there are a lot of good songs to choose from but Rocket Freak is an instant classic with their signature groovy riffs together with Drowning, a slow burning yet mind shattering track.

Gather those Ikea scatter cushions, get yourself a beer, light a joint if you so wish and turn down the lights…this is music to get lost to.