R.I.P: Street Reaper


Imagine this; the grim reaper breaks into your house, he throws you a party and then kidnaps your daughter. That would pretty much be the same feeling you would have listening to R.I.P. A “what the hell just happened” moment.

An assault on the ears in the only way they know how, these guys are dirty and sleazy and they just don’t give a shit. Often compared to bands such as Saint Vitus and Pentagram, you can clearly hear their influences but their dirty rock and roll edge gives them a sound that only belongs to R.I.P.

Streetreaper is an unrelenting album, a record that just keeps giving; one song after another. Fast and unforgiving with some groove. A very 1970’s influence together with a 1980’s aesthetic, R.I.P’s album is definitely a melting pot of all the good things that rock and roll has brought us over the years. It doesn’t copy; influence with an unstoppable energy that R.I.P bring makes for a gnarly album you will want to go back to again and again.

Available on: RidingEasy

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