Album Review: The Cult – Hidden City

It’s always good to have teaser tracks and The Cult’s Hidden City certainly didn’t disappoint – giving us the opportunity to whet the appetite and build those expectations of which they did not disappoint. Obviously, come on, this is The Cult we are talking about!
Astbury and Duffy bring us another focused album that is very raw and very much The Cult – oozing cock sure attitude and swagger with some hefty drumming giving the whole album a concrete spine. Nostalgia has its hold when you are listening to a new album from your favourite artist but with Hidden City it’s great to hear something so fresh without being over-indulgent – nothing has been regurgitated. Notable tracks are Avalanche of Light, Birds of Paradise and G O A T – brilliant.
There are plenty of glorious and angry riffs from Duffy but also some stripped back piano led tracks bringing Astbury to the front and adding dimension to a very multi-facetted album. The album has certainly got us excited for the upcoming tour.

Shane Boylan


One Comment

  1. Dwayne in Vancouver

    The Cult are having such an amazing third act. Frankly, I love hearing the newer material more so than the mid-career catalog obligators. I’ll take Saints Are Down, My Bridges Burn or Holy Mountain any day of the week over Fire Woman.

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