Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats – Scala London 26th November 2015


Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats have been around for a little while, lifting the veil on the faces that make the music has helped to reveal a more human side to the band but there is still something very special about them. When they are up onstage there is something of a certain magical quality that is hard to describe, it’s just a feeling.
Having seen them a couple of times before it was no shock that they were pretty much perfect yet again. Playing both some older tracks and newer ones they proved that their repertoire is something of a wild ride into hell and back again. It’s extremely noticeable that their onstage sound is not so far from their studio albums, their harmonies are incredibly effortless and although their energy onstage is kept to a minimum the music was definitely enough to get the crowd going, gaining new fans and satisfying the needs of current ones and they are extremely loyal too – it’s just like one big happy family!