Review: Killing Joke – HMV Live London 23.10.2015

The intimacy of an HMV performance and signing is always pretty exciting especially when you get to see the legends that are Killing Joke. Their live set featured three new songs sandwiched between two classics – The Wait and Pssche – helping warm the cockles nicely for the Roundhouse show on 6th November.
The set may have been short but the band were on fantastic form and even managed a dash of political banter that included a “pig fucker” shout out from the audience – we don’t know who he was referring to, do you?
The new album Pylon is the third part of the triptych (Absolute Dissent, MMXII) with the original line up that came together again after the death of bassist Paul Raven. The album is an amalgamation of their sound across 35+ years from the Harshness of Hosannas from the Basements of Hell on I am the Virus to echoes of the more melodic Night-time on Big Buzz. Jaz’s vocals sound as great as ever hailing Euphoria as an instant classic.

Shane Boylan