Grave Pleasures – 13th October 2015 Borderline, London


Finding refuge in the 80s goth and post punk era and then whipping it into shape in their own unique way is pretty much what the evening entailed but as some may know this isn’t their first time round the block. London welcomed them last year but in the form of Beastmilk, probably one of the most talked about bands of that year but due to irreconcilable differences they parted with their guitarist Johan Snell and have continued to keep the music alive by putting together a new band and appropriately calling themselves Grave Pleasures. Release the bats I hear you scream!!!

It goes without saying that they have a great deal of energy and passion in their performance. Their ability to throw in their own style whilst combining little elements of the past – a dash of Adam and The Ants, a sprinkling of Bauhaus in there too – it is a uniqueness that makes the band so special. It’s quite obvious that their new album has been received so positively as they storm through the songs with a noticeable crowd singalong – these guys are something pretty special and are a band that really brought their album from record to stage.

Beastmilk may have been their schooling but Grave Pleasures shows a fine tuning that is only ever going to get stronger.

Shane Boylan