Book Review: Dismal Incantation by Herman Inclusus


“Buried behind neglected sunken gardens, lies the Decrepit Abbey. The abode of the very last disciple of an equally decrepit denomination, whoeth thirst for antediluvian knowledge lies unabated.”


This beautifully produced tome tells the story of a lonely monk who attempts to bring back his faith by enacting diabolical rituals. Each and every page is wonderfully thought out and the detail in the artwork is fantastic. Herman Inclusus has quite the talent with not only recreating a religious art form that we often see in biblical texts but he certainly has a way with words which is what makes this a great read. – his artwork and writing create a nice balance in this devilish piece of work. It shares certain elements with The Monk, a gothic novel written by Matthew Lewis yet Herman brings this to life in a graphic and more horrific form.

This is classed as a comic book but it isn’t like any you have seen before, every detail has been thought of. It is a perfect bound, hardback with a gold foil cover and a red satin spine bookmark – this 48 page book has a limited run of 500, all hand numbered.

Grab yours now, available from his online store.


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