Album Review: Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats – The Night Creeper


Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats never disappoint. Fact.

I am sure we can all agree that their sound isn’t absolutely original but it stands out from the Sabbath sound-alikes/wannabes that mill around the scene, they help bring a fresh sound to the table. Whether you kick back and listen to their albums at home or you see them live – they deliver a consistently good sound.

Having come with quite the hype the last couple of years it was always a talking point with regards to another album but thankfully we don’t have to sit here and slag it off simply because it is excellent. Dynamic and melodic, foot stomping beats with melodies that make Crosby Stills and Nash shake in their mockersons –  it reminds you that that sounds of the 1960s/1970s never really went away. What really helps this album stand out is the fact it is clearly a concept album right from the off:

“The idea is that this album could have started life as an old cheap, grime-covered 25 cent pulp paperback like the type sold at news-stands outside subway stations,” says enigmatic frontman Kevin Starrs. “But then perhaps it is adapted into a film noir, which itself is then re-made twenty years later as an ultraviolent, slasher Italian Giallo film. The album follows this aesthetic lineage as it descends from to trash to noir to something discernibly darker.”

It’s dark, it’s weird and it is unmistakably another Uncle Acid and the deadbeats masterpiece.