The Devil’s Work: The Life and Work of Alex Streeter

Alex Streeter
Alex Streeter

His work adorns the fingers of celebrities, lovers of unique jewellery and of course,we need to mention that Angel Heart ring – Alex Streeter is a very interesting craftsman indeed.

My first encounter with his work was many years ago when the Angel Heart ring was featured on the finger of Marilyn Manson and being too young to have seen the film, I never put two and two together. I was more than excited when Alex said yes to running a feature.

So, who is Alex Streeter?

His journey started back in the sixties when he was living amongst the movers and the shakers during the Summer of Love in San Francisco. He began carving pieces out of bark such as pendants and talismans which went on sale in the local Haight-Ashbury stores. In the 1970s he moved back to New York and amongst the abandoned neighbourhood nicknamed Hell’s Hundred Acres, he opened up one of the first stores in Soho at 152 Prince Street – he called it Store.

Selling tie dye denim, death mask sculptures, hand tooled leather belts and divination books he started to play with silver and created the original Flying Heart, one of his oldest and most collected pieces. Alex didn’t stay put for long, he travelled to Morocco where his art took on a different form and he began designing more pieces from the pages of his sketch book including the pentagram of which would become world famous.

Over the coming year Alex would travel from place to place and filled his shop with his many silver creations. He began working with other artists and designers around New York but one night in 1987 would change him, Store was now called Alex Streeter and whilst he worked away in his shop he had some guests. They were art directors working with Alan Parker and after discovering Alex’s work, they wanted him to design a piece for a film, this would be worn by Robert De Niro and Charlotte Rampling in the highly acclaimed supernatural thriller Angel Heart. The Angel Heart ring really pushed Alex out there and his creations were in high demand by fashion magazines, films and on the necks and fingers of the likes of Jimmy Page and Axl Rose.



Now he concentrates solely on his art but still continues to sell and make jewellery with the help of his daughter and apprentice who run his work shop in New York City, he has turned his home into a living museum he calls Fort Surrender. His travel bug keeps on biting as he continues to visit the East to launch collections and exhibit his designs.

To get your hands on his creations why not take a look at his online store.

All images belong to Alex Streeter.