Music Review: Sonic Wolves – Wolfwitch (Demo)

Sonic Wolves may be a new band but its members are certainly not strangers to the world of rock and roll. Kayt Vigil on bass & vocals,Vita on drums and Stefano Tocci on guitar. A threesome not to be messed with.

Wolf Witch is the name of the demo and it certainly does deliver! The sound is guttural; it’s dirty heavy rock that is accompanied by husky vocals from Kayt Vigil. It has that raw sound that you can only really get live; no shiny over-produced tracks here – this contributes to that filthy sound, it’s excellent.

And you know what’s even more exciting about this? The demo goes between biker rock, doom, blues, sludge and good old fashioned heavy metal and then back round again, it’s a well-rounded demo that leaves you hoping they make a full length album and you get to see a live show. That’s what a demo should do – kick you in the teeth and leave you begging more for!! This rules – check it out.

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