The Photography of Pamela Maddaleno


p.maddaleno_selfportraitPamela Maddaleno is an italian-born filmmaker and photographer currently residing in Paris, France.
She studied history of cinema in Florence and started to work as a video editor for many different movies and documentaries.
Drawn by her passion for rock music she worked with many rock and experimental bands realizing some videoclips, EPKS and music festival reportages.
She moved to Paris in 2009 where she started her personal research on B&W analog photography.
Her last project is Gazzar( r ) a! a collaborative photography project that focuses on the importance of allowing the photographic image to exist on paper beyond the constraints of “recognition” and the inhibiting financial imperatives of the art publishing industries.
In 2015 Gazzar ( r) a! published her photozine ” J’ . Crime obscene do not cross. “.