The Mask of Michael Myers

closetWatching Halloween for the first time as a child was somewhat a catalyst for my lifelong love of horror. From that moment on I watched and read about horror films continuously. I still do it now but to add to this I constantly research and write about horror, even completing a film degree to get to grips with what goes through a director’s head, this culminated in a final dissertation on the horror genre (of course).

So what was it about Halloween that got me going? Why am I here now with a Michael Myers tattoo on my arm, a poster that adorns my office and a massive collection of horror films? I remember seeing its simplicity yet it was so frightening. Taking a classic babysitter story and turning it into a young girl’s worst nightmare was simple in itself but when it comes in the shape of a man who just isn’t able to be destroyed? Well, it amplifies the fear. But let’s push this further, what is about this man?

It has to be the mask.

The mask of Michael Myers wasn’t really specified within the script, it was to be a pale and neutral face of a man very much a reflection of the characteristics of Michael himself. Fancy dress shops were scoured and Tommy Lee Wallace was given the job of finding the perfect scary mask. The options were a scary clown or a Captain Kirk death mask which was created for Star Trek, the face of William Shatner. The Captain Kirk mask presented them with a real emotionless face that would very much reflect Michael Myers himself. The crew then went onto cut out the eyes, paint it completely white and tease out its hair. The Michael Myers mask was born. Masking such an evil being intensifies the horror and this particular mask is emotionless, faceless with its black blank eyes, we see nothing, we feel nothing but fear. Over the years it has remained the same but has had various modifications, some have been better than others but nothing can really beat the original.

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