Review: Red Desert – Damned By Fate


At last! A band that don’t sound the same as their contemporaries. Hurrah!!

Hailing from Minneapolis, Red Desert, although not completely original and that’s not a criticism, they certainly do hit the spot when we are talking about really good stoner rock. It isn’t like searching for a riff through the dope smoke, this album has some groove! After a few seconds it becomes quite hypnotic, it drags you into a fuzzy trance – it’s quite the little gem. They have a unique blend of influences that shine through their tracks, bands such as Black Sabbath, COC and High on Fire.

I would certainly say they are of the same calibre as classic stoner rock band Kyuss who they are not only big fans of but people are comparing them to the kings of stoner rock, quite the compliment.

Make or break? Well we have no growling, no squealing, the vocals are very clean and melodic, never taking anything away from the music.

So, what is our favorite track? Dead Man’s Tracks – an absolute corker!

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