EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: The Return of Spirit Caravan

Ahead of the London Desertfest gig we thought it would be good to catch up with Spirit Caravan to find out what brought them back together and what their future plans are…we were pretty pleased with the outcome. Speaking exclusively to us was drummer Gary Isom! Enjoy…

Spirit Caravan was formed back in the mid-nineties. Now that you are rehearsing and ready to get back out there do you find the dynamics of the band have changed at all?

The band has just got back together so were a little rusty but things are progressing at a very HIGH! rate, It won’t take us long to get back into the swing of things. Since the break years ago we’ve all kept busy and I believe the musicianship in each of us individually has evolved nicely and this should enhance the dynamics very well.

You’ve all been very busy with your own projects but did you always have it in the back of your mind that you wanted to return to this band?

In my mind the way everything went DOWN ,I had pretty much washed my hands of it all and never thought we would get back together…. “Never say Die”….  Speaking for Sherman… Christ. We’ve been best friends for 24 yrs. I think in the back of his mind he did want to return to Spirit Caravan. I guess way down deep deep inside I wanted things to return as well… We were super tightknit, we were like Brothers!

So tell me, how did the reunion come about?

The reunion came about by contact thru a third party saying that Wino wanted to reignite the group. He told me that one of the most often questions he got while on the road with Saint Vitus was if and when would Spirit Caravan get back together. So thanks to the FANS!  You all can claim the most credit for the rebirth of the band. Me and Wino met at my house and finally after several attempts and 12 years later we buried the hatchet. It felt as if a huge very dark weight had been lifted off are shoulders.

You are going to be headlining Desertfest and playing at Hellfest this year. How do you feel about going back on the road again as Spirit Caravan and playing live?

In our first meeting we planned to do tentative ten day tour in the U.S.  But due to the overwhelming International response, things are goin crazy… Yeah…were now headlining  Desertfest in London and Berlin and Playing at Hellfest. We’re chompin at the bit to get back on the road, We always had tons of fun back in the day. It’s gonna be great to share the Sonic Subterranean  boom with our fans again. It’s gonna be great!

Mixing old southern hard rock with doom, your back catalogue is extremely impressive. What can we expect from you when you perform live?

As far as are set list goes will be playing all the HEAVIES! ….. Lost sun Dance, The no hope goat farm, Melancholy Grey, Dead love-jug fulla sun, So mortal be, Cosmic Artifact, Elusive Truth, Sun Stoned, Powertime, Brainwashed, Dreamwheel, Spirit Caravan etc etc…

Will you be releasing any new material or is this just purely a reunion?

And YES we are planning to do a new record Wino and I have a bunch of new material and I am sure it won’t take Sherman very long to come up with a few new ones as well.

And finally, are there any plans for 2014 – Spirit Caravan or any other projects you are all involved in that you can tell our readers?

Plans for 2014 are for Spirit Caravan – new record + live shows in Europe and Here in the States also Saint Vitus will be doing some tour dates, and the other band Sherman and I are in called “Weed is Weed ” has a release coming out on Ripple record entitled “Blunt Force Trauma” we also plan on doing some touring and working on new material.

We shall share with you the dates and more details when announced!

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