The Return of Hard Rockers BANG! An Interview with Frank Ferrara


The somewhat unsung heroes of their generation, Bang are back and we feel very fortunate to feature them. We got a chance to interview Frank Ferrara to ask him about their past and their future plans. 

First of all, how would you describe Bang to someone unfamiliar with the band?

A power trio with in your face rock music…powerful and explosive

How do you feel about being tagged as proto-metal? And are you aware of the new proto-metal bands such as Witchcraft, Kadavar and Graveyard that hark back to the sound of your debut?

We’re proud to have inspired other bands…that’s a beautiful thing…as long as they don’t flat out copy a thought. Some things are sacred…we have to respect each other…so in that vein…it’s a good thing. As far as being classified with that tag…maybe the Death…Bang…and half of Mother was that style….we didn’t want to be a one trick pony…we were more diverse than that.

How did the box set on Rise Above Records come about? Were you happy with the finished product?

We were approached by Rise Above Records to do a box set and were grateful for that opportunity…we were very happy with the finished product…they did a great job putting that together.

What is the story behind your cover of The Guess Who’s No Sugar? And why was it left off the reissues you sold on your website?

No much of a story really…since the day Capitol signed us to their label…they were after us to HAVE a hit single….No Sugar Tonite…was a song we liked…and after doing 10 shows with the Guess Who …we decided to do that one. It was fun to do…It was and is a GREAT song…

You are back and have a started playing shows again. What are the long terms plans for Bang?

To make new records and to play to all our fans across the world…to play music till our dying day…music is OUR heart…

What did the members of Bang do after calling it a day? Did you stay in contact? How did you feel about parting company with drummer and main lyricist, Tony, due to outside intervention?

We always stayed in touch and continued to write music…Life just finally put us in a position to pick up where we left off….it’s so nice to devote 100% of our energy back on our music….we were devastated when we lost Tony…It was cold and handled totally wrong…besides that…me and Frankie were forced in the middle of it….the only good thing that came out of that was that we got to meet and play with Bruce Gary (the knack)…he recorded everything with us from half of Mother to everything else we did for Capitol…R.I.P. Bruce…your always in our heart.

The lyrics to songs like Questions? And Our Home suggest something of a hippie ideal. Is this something you felt strongly at the time and if so did you live that sort of lifestyle? Do any of you still feel like that?

The “hippie ideal” was and is…to treat each other with respect and dignity and to be GOOD to each other….and yes….life’s hardships have never changed my feelings about that. So know what they say…”once a hippie always a hippie….lol…I’m glad to be one…

Mother/Bow To The King was not as heavy as the self-titled debut – was this a deliberate move or the result of a natural evolution? Bow… in particular seems to be indebted to the Stones rather than Sabbath.

That record was a natural evolution…it was recorded 6 months after the BANG album and you can see our writing was evolving…I don’t get the Stones reference….I don’t think we sounded like anybody else and thats why people like us…I think the best compliment we ever got was when someone said we sounded like “A GRAND BLACK ZEPPLIN”….a cross between Grand Funk Railroad….Black Sabbath and Led Zep….to me…I’m just sayin’….that’s fantastic…I wish we would have sold the records those bands did…if we did we would have been “Bigger” than the Beatles…lol…now wait a minute…I don’t want to be understood like John was….when he said we were more popular than Jesus….lol…I said “bigger” not better…cause no one will ever be “BIGGER THAN THE BEATLES” or as talented as the BEATLES….no one…period.

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