BOOK REVIEW: Hammer Films – On Location Wayne Kinsey and Gordon Thomson

Hammer-Films-on-LocationIf you are anything like me and you always need to know where and why films choose their locations then you will certainly find this book quite the bible, if you love Hammer Horror films of course.

If you are a fan of Hammer then I am sure you will be aware of some of the locations but if you fancy really getting in there then this will be the perfect accompaniment to your bookshelf (or your backpack).

Those guidebooks you get from tourist information centres have nothing on this beauty and it certainly would be heavily used for those of you who love to wander around the British Isles. It even tells you a bit of history about the area so it is educational in more ways than one.
Flicking through its pages you come to realise just how much effort has gone into creating this book.

What is most wonderful is its attention to detail and I am not just talking about words but it has such an array of photographs and maps than can pinpoint you to the very location of a specific scene within a film. A lot of time and effort has gone into creating this book and it really shows at how much detail we are given.

A really splendid book that is a must for fans and aficionados out there and just to give you an idea of how much good stuff is in this book, here is a rundown direct from Peveril Publishing:

  • A film by film location guide (61 chapters) from Four Sided Triangle – To the Devil a Daughter taking you through practically every location used.
  • 3 chapters exploring Hammer’s favourite locations: Bray haunts, Elstree haunts and Black Park
  • Further chapters on Exclusive locations, International locations, Comedy locations, Ardmore (Irish) locations and a light chapter to close with, comparing Hammer’s Transylvania to the real one
  • 1800 photographs, maps, diagrams
  • Photographic comparisons of locations in screengrabs to how they look today
  • Maps and diagrams illustrating how to find the locations exactly at various sites
  • Comprehensive details pinpointing Hammer locations at Black Park with a suggested tour guide
  • We take you inside a number of private properties (with their owner’s consent) to show you many Hammer locations now hidden from the public.
  • Historical facts and trivia to some of Hammer’s favourite locations
  • Manchester city guide to Hell is a City and Weymouth and Portland guides to The Damned
  • Stitched binding for extra strength on your many location hunts!

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