INTERVIEW: Twin Peaks Illustrated – An Interview with Martin Woutisseth


Welcome to Twin Peaks is a wonderful site featuring everything you could ever want to know about the cult TV series. Having spotted Martin Wouisseth’s animated piece I was dying to know how this came about. Black Sunday caught up with him to find out more.

How did the Twin Peaks piece come about? Are you a big fan of the show?

After the success of my first animation, Stanley Kubrick: a filmography, many people encouraged me to do another animation on a famous director. I thought it would be interesting to make one about David Lynch but Twin Peaks is so rich that it would be difficult to dedicate just one animation to it. Two years later it came true!

Twin Peaks is one of my favourite TV shows, the universe is so rich, and so deep. I must admit that after the first episode I didn’t get what everybody was talking about. I gave it another try two months later and saw the second and the third episode, I became very addicted! And I think I watched the whole series in ten days. Two years later, I had another Twin Peaks marathon and I read some specific books just before I started the animation. I really appreciate the very friendly Twin Peaks community of fans through the website Welcome to twin

Tell me more about your creative process, how do you go about creating your illustrations?

With regards to the Illustrated series – I start by doing some research on the internet to find pictures with good resolution, using characters with interesting expressions and attitudes. I created the illustrations one by one. The second step is once got all those portraits together I would think how to match the different characters within the story, the relationship, and other ideas. Then, I make a first idea list and a storyboard.

From that point, I draw background and symbols from pictures too. Sometimes, that’s from really low definition and blurry pics, sometimes that’s from a mix from different pictures (like for the Double R travelling). Then, I mix simple animated sequence with statics illustrations. For that animation, I bought Final Cut pro and Particular to improve my skills and animation. Particular was very useful to bring more life on the outdoor sequence like for example falling leaves, smokes and so on. I found my inspiration with blogs, boards on pinterest or specific tumblr. Some gifs really inspire me too for some sequences. Then, I do versions and versions, I correct all the defaults, improving all illustrations, animations, backgrounds, effects. With few friends or contacts, I share those versions to have their feedback and point of view until the final version.

I see you have Breaking Bad/Tim Burton and Stanley Kubrick animations on your site. What have you got coming up for 2014?

For 2014, I have a few projects. I would like to finish an old project: Takeshi Kitano – a filmography. I almost finished it in 2011 but the Tim Burton contest was just starting so I stopped. I’m upgrading all visuals I started two years ago.

I am also working on another opening title from somebody who starred in Mulholland Drive ! It will be a short 30 second opening for a tv series. I cannot tell you any more!

And some other projects. I have an idea of something simple with Orson Welles quotes. A more personal project, I will come back to work in Japan next month for one year but I will keep working as a freelancer from there. I am also going to be working on the third poster for the Gibraltar world music festival.