BOOK REVIEW: The PETER CUSHING SCRAPBOOK A Centenary Celebration – Wayne Kinsey, Tom Johnson and Joyce Broughton


Peter Cushing is a name everyone knows. He is most associated with his long career in film, most of which were horror. But away from the horrific slaying of Transylvanian’s most violent resident he was known as a most gentle man that was loved by many and what better way to glimpse into the life of such a great man as The Peter Cushing Scrapbook. It is a limited edition book with only 2000 copies printed to celebrate Cushing’s centenary year.

The book is beautifully put together. Its style reflects that of a real scrapbook with bits of paper adorning the pages, photographs and lots of interesting text. Taking you from the very beginning as Cushing as a little boy, we capture a little bit about his childhood, his family and we get to see his unforgettable little face which to be honest hasn’t changed that much. Some of the text itself is of his own words so it is much more interesting to read, taken from extracts of his own autography we get to see things from his perspective and the way he would’ve liked you to hear it!

We travel from his childhood through to his years in Hollywood, then into his meeting with his only love Helen, his stage and TV career, his unforgettable time at Hammer with a glimpse into his private life. Included snippets of his own artwork, costume designs, candid pictures and much more.

If you are a fan of Cushing this will blow your mind with its attention to detail, its beautiful presentation and the wealth of information is incredible. As a fan of horror you will also appreciate its lengthy and in-details section on the Hammer years. This has to be one of the most thought out and most stunning books I have seen.
A beautiful tribute to a most wonderful man.

OUT NOW– Soft back – 328 pages – A4 Landscape Full Colour throughout!
Foreword by George Lucas. Afterword by Janina Faye
This book is ONLY be available DIRECT from Peveril Publishing