Tomes of Doom: A Celebration of Pan Horror Stories

First published in 1959, Pan’s tomes of horror ran for thirty horror-tastic volumes capturing the imagination of horror fiends everywhere. The series was initially collected and edited by Herbert Van Thal and was then taken over by Clarence Paget until 1989.

Each cover is fantastically presented, featuring a little taster to whet the horror appetite before delving into its pages of pure terror.
The first edition included stories by Peter Fleming, Muriel Spark, Bram Stoker and C. S. Forester. Later on in the series we were treated to stories of the macabre by Ray Bradbury and Lord Dunsany among others. Later volumes had more of an emphasis on fresh meat, I mean, new talent. Bringing new authors to the world of horror readers!
Even to this day fans collect these volumes, lining their shelves with vintage paperbacks containing stories of terror and the supernatural.
To celebrate the wonderful and wicked art of the Pan books, we have put together a little gallery which I am sure will have you begging for more…