SAY HELLO TO MR FIST: An Interview with Gehennah


So, first thing’s first. What have you guys been up to?

After the scandals leading up to our demise in the early 2000s all the members decided they needed some time off from the scene. Hellcop drank heavily for a period and was homeless for a while until he gradually picked himself up and started his Trans Am ’76 taxi service. It was actually there he met our new bass-player when he picked him up from prison after serving time for attempted manslaughter (an event described in the new song “Carve off Your Face and Shove it up your ass”)!
Mr. Violence went back to finish his medical studies but has spent the last year listening to Shellshocked by Tank.
Stringburner spent three years in a monastery in Tibet to find himself and study the art if calligraphy which he has since found some recognition in china .

You started off as a band doing Venom covers, tell me, was it Venom that inspired you to start a metal band or was that just for fun?

Of course Venom started it all! The dark lords of metal don’t get enough credit. Probably the most under- rated band in the world.

You are the founders of the “Headbangers Against Disco” campaign, tell me more about why you started this and do you still stand by it to this day?

We got fed up with all the bullshit in metal, we want it raw and hard.

What do you think of the heavy metal scene these days? Any favourites?

It’s totally different.. Most of all there’s so much more clubs and festivals for metal. We even got some cool “new” bands from our part of Sweden like Enforcer and Tribulation.

Your lyrics! What inspires you to write such barbaric and obscene lyrics (and I mean that in the nicest possible way).


Can you tell me about any future plans for new music or touring?

We’re entering the studio in October to record some songs for a few different releases. One of our new songs is actually being reviewed by the Guinness book of world records for Most Metal Per Minute-rating.

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