The Visual Chaos of Tracy Terror

A photographer, photojournalist and visual arts enthusiast based in Seattle. I have always had an eye for detail since I was a child, as I grew older I developed an interest in photography and become to express my thoughts through it as well as through music. I sought to find a medium with the two going hand-in-hand and then T. Terrorist Photography was born. Since I’ve started I have expanded my personal tastes beyond just black and death metal, but I will never stop supporting underground music and the many hidden gems it has to offer. Capturing the essence of those on stage as well and continuously furthering in the field of creative endeavors has been one of my strengths which keeps me moving forward.

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Dead Congregation @ Highline Bar – Seattle, WA (06.03.12)
Hellgoat @ 529 – Atlanta, GA (05.29.12)
Kommandant @ The Milestone – Charlotte, NC (05.30.12)
Loss @ Cafe Lura – Chicago, IL (03.03.12)
Mitochondrion @ The Rickshaw Theatre – Vancouver, BC (04.28.12)